For Snooker art. ZX-1 (without the turns/ innings indicator) 

electronic scoreboard for snooker
electronic scoreboard for snooker


    Electronic scoreboard for snooker 

  • wireless infrared remote control, working until 27 meters
  • size 30 x 36 cm.
  • size of the leds: 5 cm. high
  • 2 color display
  • correction button for the last 3 scores 
  • display middle under is for the players present turn/inning
  • sound on/off
  • incl. batteries for the remote controll
  • guarantee, incl. english manual 

The consumer price is € 159,00 incl. vat  


scoreboard for carom billiard
scoreboard for carom billiard


         Scoreboard for carom billiards

art. ZBX-09M   (incl. the turns/ innings indicator) 
This is the same as above, however this one is incl. the turns/innings indicator   
(the dutch text: “beurten”  can be changed into english)  


The consumer price is € 225,00 incl. vat  



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