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LED Football scoreboard set

This set consists of the following parts:

   just 3 waterproof displays (cabled)

• 2 x 1 digit for the results (0-9)
• 1 x 2 digits for the time in minutes (00-99)
• wiring (everything is connected and working)
• wireless remote control (works up to 150 meters)

 + stainless steel housing of the displays

The wiring is 150 cm. in length, between the numbers.
LED’s are ultra bright, so very easy to read even in sunlight.
The total price for this set is 1295.00 euro excluding VAT 21%.


For For some sports (rugby) it need 2 digits for the results. The arrangement is thus called 2-2-2 and the price is 1495.00 euro, excluding VAT 21%


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